Risk Reduction

20-Hour Intensive Intervention Risk Reduction Program (DUI School).  Browning's offers this 20 hour program over 3 days.

Serving Northeast Georgia with 4 locations:

Please remember that due to state rules and regulations no one is admitted late. Please be sure you are acquainted with how to get to the class location and know how much travel time to allow for a safe arrival.


 130 question assessment

 20 Hour Class


Fees are set by Georgia Law

 $100.00 USD

 $260.00 USD ($235.00 + $25.00 Workbook)

Before attending class, all clients must first complete a 130 question assessment before attending the 20 hour program.  The assessment takes approximately 45 minutes to complete depending on the client's reading abilities. The assessment can be given orally if needed to clients with reading disabilities, but it is our advice to schedule an appointment if this is the case so our staff can try to arrange it during a quiet time of the day.

We are licensed by the state of Georgia, and issue state certificates of completion for the program. Any licensed program is required to follow the same fee schedule that we use, no one may charge more or less. Some times a school may advertise the program for $235.00, but they are still required to charge a $25 material fee totaling $260. All fees must be paid before starting the program. 

We accept cash, money order, or Credit Cards via Square