Defensive Driving

6 Hr. Defensive Driving Course (DDC)

Class Hrs


1 Day Course

starts at 8:30 AM

Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Noon (12 PM) to 1:00 PM

Please remember that due to state rules and regulations no one is admitted late. Please be sure you are acquainted with how to get to the class location and know how much travel time to allow for a safe arrival.Locations for DDC in White Co (Cleveland, GA) State certification ID. 2157, and Stephens Co (Toccoa, GA) State certificaction Cert ID. 2158

We offer defensive driving in two counties. Cleveland (White Co.), and Toccoa (Stephens Co.)


Fees are set by Georgia Law

Insurance Reduction: $35.00 (Requires clean driving record)

All other Reasons: $95.00

We accept cash, money order, or credit cards via Square

DDC is Acceptable for:

    • Insurance Reduction

    • Job Security

    • Court Order

    • Point Reduction

    • Reinstatement of Driver license from suspension

Taking DDC for insurance reduction can have many benefits for drivers of any age. Driving is one of the most dangerous activities most of us engage in. Every year we lose over 10 times the number of people on our nation's highways compared to U.S. loses in the Iraq War from 2003-2010. Our teens are at particular risk. While they only make up 7% of Georgia's population, they account for 12% of collisions involving death. DDC steps beyond the mechanics of how to drive and focuses on what it takes to stay alive behind the wheel. Of course the safety your teens is your highest priority, but saving money on insuring your newest driver doesn't hurt either. Check with your insurance agent about defensive driving discounts. This course is also great for the whole family to take together as it reviews our attitudes and behaviors towards driving that we tend to let lapse over time.

Many professions that rely on driving to complete their services will often require their employees to periodically complete a DDC course. Course completion may help secure a job or maintain your current job as many corporate insurance companies have a point system that affects driver insurability and premium cost which ultimately affects a driver's employment and job security.

Completion of DDC is often required by courts for various traffic violations. DDC is often one the requirements to have a traffic violation reduced or dropped. It is possible that proof of completion may have to be given to the clerk of the court or a probation officer. Depending on your individual situation it may be possible to not only satisfy your court order but also reduce points from your license reducing your risk of point suspension

Traffic violations come in two varieties. Point Violations and Mandatory Suspensions. Mandatory suspensions are violation severe enough to suspend a driver's license over that one violation when found guilty. For example, racing or eluding are severe enough to lose your license over the one offense. Other offenses are assigned point values and the accumulation of too many points in a specified time period will result in the suspension of your driver's license. For drivers over the age of 21, 15 points within 24 months. For drivers under 21, any offense that is 4 points or greater will suspend their license if found guilty of the offense. That includes speeding 24mph over the speed limit or passing a school bus illegally. For drivers under 18, the accumulation of 4 points within 12 months will suspend their license. Typical suspension time for these offense is usually 6 months. DDC is required by the state of Georgia in order to reinstate driving privileged that have been suspended. DDC is not suitable for Alcohol or Drug related offenses.

DDC may also be taken on a voluntary basis once every five years to reduce points from your diving record. Processing the certificate of completion for Point Reduction will remove up to 7 points from your driving record.