In response to COVID-19, The State of Georgia Department of Driving Services has approved distance learning for Risk Reduction Programs through Mid July to reduce exposure and contact. How we as a company are providing services while minimizing risk for our customers and employees will be outlined below.

The Risk Reduction Program is a 20 hour program spread over 3 days (All day Saturday and Sunday, and Monday Evening), the program itself will be conducted using distance learning tools, specifically webex. Webex software can be installed on your Android or Apple phone or Tablet, or you can use a Windows PC/Laptop. Per state guidelines, you do have to a webcam and we are also recommending headphones. Attached below is the participant technology guide in pdf format which outlines the hardware and software requirements for attending the program remotely.

While the course is presented remotely, there are some in-person preregistration activities that need to completed before class

1) Complete Contracts and pay for the assessment, course, and material fees (Cash, Money Order, or Credit Card)
2) Complete Assessment, takes approximately 45 minutes to complete the assessment and the contact paperwork, please allow more time if you experience reading or comprehension challenges. Paperwork will be done by appointment only to limit one person at a time in the office and to allow time to properly clean between appointments. Please call 706-865-7128 to setup your appointment.
3) You will receive a paperback workbook participant guide to take home with you and will be required during the class
4) You will receive the participant technology guide (It is also available below for download) and outlines the hardware and software requirements for remote learning, and the participant is responsible for ensuring everything has been installed prior to class
5) You will need to provide us with your email address, to do this, please email thomas@browningdis.com with your First and Last Name along with the first date of class as the subject line: "John Smith Apr 25 2020". You will be receiving instructions for connecting to the webex, additional materials, along with your certificate of completion
6) Once you have completed the previous steps, you will need to do a virtual check-in. You will need to call or email and schedule about 10 minutes during office hours to connect to a test webex (we will email connection instructions) and allow the office to confirm that you have successfully installed webex and are comfortable connecting to the session. If you are experiencing any difficulties getting connected, we will schedule an appointment with our technical resource to help resolve any outstanding issues no later than the Friday prior to class to ensure all is in working order before class.
7) Connect for sessions, enabling video camera (Detailed instructions will be emailed prior to class)

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